Hotel Lipa Story


Hotel Lipa Bojnice started its part in the street´s story in 1927, on the place of the old village house located just a few meters from Bojnice castle. The oldest hotel in region is connected with the castle by lime tree alley and even with lime tree in the castle and hotel garden. These two are relatives and therefore were the impulse for the name of the hotel (Lipa = lime tree)

Foundation stone of the hotel was set by the very famous butcher of those times, Mr. Ferdinand Pec, known by his products over the whole republic.

Throughout its life Hotel Lipa Bojnice survived different times which made it stronger. So it can welcome you in all its beauty together with the lime tree in its garden.

As long as first 22 years were cheerful, so the hotel was pleased to welcome the guests with the door wide opened. In the year 1949 national administration of assets was applied and so the hotel was condemned for the national corporation purposes. Original owners were hired in the lowest working and wage category and accommodated in a small room with rental fees applied. The founder, Ferdinand Pec, couldn´t accept the situation and passed away on 9.12.1951. His wife lived in the hotel room for the next 18 years, while state company owned the hotel for almost 42 years. During this period the hotel interior was rebuild for a few times and some of the exterior objects were ruined.

On 20.5.1991 according the law Nb.403/91Zb. the hotel was account for the heirs of the original property owners. Since that time the hotel is again in proper hands and treated with respect that deserves.

Since 1996 the hotel was completely reconstructed in interior and exterior. While the foreside retains its authentic character, new colour and details added positive hue even amplified by running sundial typical for the hotel for ages. In hotel areal the new terrace, sheltered car park, renewed garden and brand new outdoor children playground were amended.

Interior space was also rebuilt - from the Restaurant, Banquet room, up to rooms and suites. In 2010 brand new attic rooms, some with castle view, were completed into the hotel portfolio.

Hotel makes constant investments into the ambient but even to the personnel trainings, so for rising comfort of the guests. After a few years of renting the restaurant venue hotel started to provide the gastro services on its own and it is worth it. Home cuisine and daily menu invite not only local people but even passengers or business travellers.


Let yourself inspire by 90 years old history and taste the flavour of the Upper Nitra Region presence. Hotel Lipa Bojnice is pleased to treat you whole year round.


We look forward to your visit and believe it will become a tradition for you.


Team of Hotel Lipa Bojnice